Hollywood Screenwriting - From Concept to Draft - How to Write a Killer Script

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"This course is absolutely invaluable for newcomers as well as seasoned writers. I wasted my first seven years in Hollywood, too-cool-for-school to learn the basics of screenwriting under the arrogant delusion that my cinematic creativity would magically reinvent the wheel of a tried and true craft. Amanda Gusack’s insightful instruction could have focused my creative energy to complete a well structured screenplay that was industry-friendly enough to land me an agent.”

Eric Bress, Co-writer/director - The Butterfly Effect, Co-writer - Final Destination 2, Kyle XY

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Hollywood Screenwriting - From Concept to Draft - How to Write a Killer Script

Have you...

… always wanted to write a screenplay, but didn't know where to start?

… devoured books, seminars - even written some pages - but still found yourself unable to clarify the screenwriting process?

… finished several screenplays, even good ones, but continue to struggle with the following:

Building a focused first act, a RIVETING second act, a HEART-POUNDING third act, RISING stakes, COMPELLING hero, THEMATIC layers...

… and... by the way... what the HECK “They” want?

Designed by a sold/produced screenwriter/director with over 30 feature screenplays and a decade in the WGAw, this course was developed to help SCREENWRITERS of ALL LEVELS write their best script from the point of concept.

A self-taught studio screenwriter, director, and Hit List Alum, Amanda directed her film THE BETRAYED, starring Melissa George and Oded Fehr, from a spec script she sold to MGM, following her independent feature debut IN MEMORIUM. She's optioned, rewritten, and adapted material for studios, and been repped by Benderspink, Endeavor, Paradigm, and Zero Gravity.

From her years reading/troubleshooting fellow writers' material, Amanda's isolated common writing issues in scripts of all skills levels. These issues include a soft concept, a passive hero, and a flat structure.

She designed this course to teach the art and craft of screenwriting from TWO critical PERSPECTIVES:

- The FILM INDUSTRY - which includes collected gems of advice from Producers, Managers, and Studio execs on what "They" want in a screenplay.

- The SCREENWRITER - which includes finding a killer idea, creating a compelling hero, building an invigorating structure - and doing it again and again with each new spec.

Teaching the same, step-by-step methods that she uses to write EVERY SINGLE SCREENPLAY, Amanda will show you exactly how she “cracks” a new script - beginning with the most crucial element - the CONCEPT.

She'll teach -

- the CRUCIAL characteristics of a compelling MOVIE-WORTHY concept, and

- the 4 CRITICAL BUILDING BLOCKS that MUST exist in EVERY fully-formed movie idea.

- Once you've brainstormed your screenplay idea, she'll teach you how to expand it - to flesh out both creative and practical elements - including characters, world, tone, genre, theme and rising stakes.

- She'll advance you to the beating heart of your script - your HERO – and teach you how to sculpt, reveal, and propel your hero through your screenplay to keep your reader spellbound.

- She'll show you how to elevate your HERO'S OBSTACLES – the Villain, Plot, and Antagonist - and use them to force your Hero's ultimate transformation.

- She'll cover the MAJOR STRUCTURAL BEATS and their respective purposes, using plot examples from 4 standout movies – THE RING, LEGALLY BLONDE, THE FUGITIVE, AND FIELD OF DREAMS.

- She'll discuss STYLE ON THE PAGE - including dialogue, action lines, scene structure, and your hero's introduction.

- For newer writers, she touch on screenplay formatting.

Included with the video lessons are step-by-step handouts and assignments to guide you through the entire process of brainstorming and outlining your new screenplay.

By the end of this course, you have all the tools you need to write your first draft.

"As a fellow writer, I designed this course to help clarify the multi-layered process of writing an industry-worthy script.

If you're an experienced writer, this course will give you effective guidelines to create organic, heart-stopping story beats from inception – rather than slogging through the trial and error of plot, hero, and act frustrations.

If you're a new screenwriter, this will set you on a clear story path from the get-go, teaching you how to write with a PURPOSE - on the page, from idea to structure - while you develop your craft of sculpting a compelling movie script.

I love teaching and I love writing and I'm beyond excited to offer this course to you!

- Amanda Gusack


- 53 Video Lectures

- 10 Detailed Assignments to Prep Your Script from Concept to Page

- 8 Detailed Handouts to Demonstrate Structure and Format

- The Ability to Watch on All Devices, Work at Your Own Pace, and Re-Watch the Course With EACH NEW SCRIPT

- Limited Lifetime Course Access

- 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


A self taught pro and decade-long WGAw member, Amanda directed her film THE BETRAYED, starring Melissa George and Oded Fehr, from a spec script she sold to MGM, following her independently-directed feature debut In Memorium.

She's optioned, rewritten, and adapted material for studios, collaborating in countless notes sessions with agents, managers, producers and studio execs.

Over the years, she's been repped by Benderspink, Endeavor, Paradigm, and currently Zero Gravity.

When she's not writing her own material, she offers script-coaching and feature screenplay feedback on her website actbreakdown.com.

She loves teaching and she loves writing and she's beyond excited to offer this course to you!

Your Instructor

Amanda Gusack
Amanda Gusack

A WGA member since 2007, Amanda Gusack has written over 30 scripts in the horror, thriller, sci-fi, and action genres and has directed two of her features. A Hit List Alum, she's optioned, adapted, and rewritten material for studios, and has several projects in development with high-profile producers.

She's been repped by Benderspink, Endeavor, and Paradigm, and is currently managed by Eric Williams at Zero Gravity.

Her other passion is teaching. When she's not writing her own material, Amanda offers script-coaching and feature screenplay analysis. To book a session, contact her through her website: actbreakdown.com.

She is extremely excited to share her course with you!

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